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Welcome to The Darwin Computational Facility

The Future Of Ecological Earth System Modeling.

Thursday, April 17, 2014, 04:10 (UTC)



This is the homepage for the The MIT Darwin Project computational facilities. This site is currently under development.

Compute Facility Overview

The Darwin Project computational facilities consist of a

  • a 128 compute cluster with 512 cores with a high-speed Myrinet interconnect.
  • a roughly 500TB high-performance GPFS parallel filesystem
  • a 60 2560x1600 pixel panel, 240 Megapixel display system
  • 10 gigabit based networking infrastructure linking around campus and to external project partners.

More details on the software and hardware can be found under the links below

Compute cluster hardware/software overview

Storage hardware/software overview

Display wall hardware/software overview

Local and wide-area networking hardware/software overview


The graphics cluster is up and running. Looking for large resolution 100+Mp visualizations to display on it!!!

Big Jobs

Sept, 08: The ocean modelers currently have 90 nodes reserved for a large ocean model run, the rest of the nodes are available for general use.

Nodes compute-1-0 and compute-1-1 are permanently reserved for interactive use. Please run interactive jobs on one of these nodes instead of hte head node.

Help and support

Mail sent to darwin hyphen admin at techsquare dot com will be forwarded to the support team.

Whos who

Investigator team

  • Mick Follows (PI)
  • Chris Hill
  • John Marshall
  • Penny Chisholm
  • Ed Delong
  • Bruce Tidor
  • Martin Polz

User Advisory Group

  • Chris Hill
  • Stephanie Dutkiewicz
  • Mick Follows
  • Katherine Huang
  • Lawrence David
  • Dirk Gevers
  • John Eppely
  • Al Davis

Systems Group

  • Greg Shomo aka Techsquare
  • Matt McKinnon

Sponsors and Partners

The Darwin project compute hardware and research activities are supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Marine Microbiology Initiative. The compute hardware was acquired through and installed by IBM.

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